• Butterfield Acres Staff with Spring Kids

Gobbles & Gulps

“Gobbles and Gulps” is where you pay admission and can expect a friendly staff member to answer all of your questions. It’s where you can buy a variety of Souvenirs and farm memorabilia such as BRIGHTLY colored T-shirts and earrings, stuffed farm animals, and where you can purchase instant cameras and film to catch those priceless moments!

“Gobbles and Gulps” is also a food concession where you can buy a hot coffee or a cold space popsicle, popcorn, juice, and all the usual snacks.

Be sure to drop in for a “GOBBLE” (something to eat) or a “GULP” (a drink)

Gobbles and Gulps Hours

Open 10am to 4pm daily in July and August.
Open 10am to 4 pm weekends only, in April, May, June, September, and October.

On weekdays, during business hours just ask at the office across the way and we can help you with any drinks or snacks!