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We frequently hear from school teachers/leaders that Butterfield Acres is their favorite field trip in NW Calgary. For over 30 years we’ve lived by our motto of “Farming, Fun, and Learning”, and have given thousands of Calgary’s children, teachers and leaders an authentic taste of farm life. We now regularly see teachers and leaders  who came here as children themselves and are excited to share this learning experience with the next generation. The Spring Babies experience also lends itself quite nicely to a special year-end windup and picnic.

Our programs are child-centered and very hands-on and support many curriculum objectives. School teachers are amazed by how much the children learn just being in this environment for such a short time. It is a fond stand-out life experience for many children.

To make your trip run as smoothly as possible, we provide a comprehensive field trip information package for both Teachers, Leaders and Parents in Calgary.

As always, we’ve got wonderful friendly farm critters waiting for your students to visit. We get many compliments on our field trip organization, and we have received many Parent’s Choice Awards. See a list of your options below.

Spring Babies! (April, May, June)

9Farmyard visits with all the traditional Spring Babies! HANDS-ON! You’ll want to get right in there and try all the things you’d do if you lived on a farm.  Visit with all our wonderful spring babies.. lambs, goats piglets, how ’bout the bunnies and chicks?  We have a little of everything happening here!  There’s even a big TRACTOR RIDE pulled by “Old Blue”, our tractor and GOAT MILKING LESSONS with the farmer!

Because the farm is a unique, interactive farm environment with young animals, we need a minimum  3:1 ratio.

Spring Babies Program Options:

A. 2 hour program*: an authentic Farmyard visit with our many different farm animals and activity stations. Rates are $9.99/child and $5.99/adult, with one Teacher free for every 20 children.    A 45 min picnic time may be added if you wish for an extra $1/child.

B. 4 hour program*:  Discover Horseshoe Trail through our back pasture with many activity stations and our Woodland Animals feature (life size), another highlight designed by teachers on staff. A time for your picnic lunch in one of our picnic areas, and a Farmyard visit with our many different farmyard activity stations.  Rates are $11.99/child, $5.99/adult, one Teacher free with every 20 children.



Summer Farmyard Experience! (July, August)

Farmyard visits with all the traditional farmyard critters! HANDS-ON! You’ll want to get right in there and try all the things you’d do if you lived on a farm.  There’s even a big TRACTOR RIDE pulled by “Old Blue”, our tractor and GOAT MILKING LESSONS by the farmer!

Minimum group size is 15 children. Because the farm is a unique, interactive environment we ask for a minimum of a 3:1 ratio.

Summer Program Options:

A. 2 hour program*: an authentic Farmyard visit with our many different farm animals and activity stations. Rates are $9.99/child and $5.99/adult. You can even add a 45 min picnic time to your visit for an extra $1/child.

B. 4 hour program*:  A hike along Horseshoe Trail through our back pasture which has its many hike activity stations, and our Woodland Animals feature… life size!, another highlight designed by 2 of our teachers on staff (Thanks Lori and Kim!) a time for your picnic lunch in one of our picnic grounds, and then the highlight…a Farmyard visit with our many different farmyard activity stations. Rates are $11.99/child and $5.99/adult.


Harvest Pumpkin Hunts (October)

With fall comes the time to harvest and time to have a little fun with the fruits of the harvest! Climb aboard one of our big wagons and take a gentle rolling ride over the hills and through the Scarecrow Alley, with the most fun scarecrow scenes ever… crunching through the golden fall leaves … searching for some really cute kid-sized pumpkins!

The visit includes hunting time & a farmyard visit with the animals too! Cost:  $13.99/child (includes pumpkin… $4 value); adults $5.99

Each child takes home their very own pumpkin.

Available all month but we recommend visiting the farm early so the kids can enjoy their pumpkin  treasure for the entire month (they make great Thanksgiving table centerpieces)! Minimum group size is 20 children. Plan for 110 minutes. We ask for a 3:1 ratio.

Other ideas:  some teachers use the pumpkins back at school in other learning areas, e.g., weights and measures, art classes.  We hear some wonderful ideas for stretching the pumpkin/harvest theme!


We bring the zoo to you!! (year round)

It’s not quite the same experience as actually visiting the real farm, but… our Farm Corral can come to your school with a variety of child-friendly animals! We bring all the Corral fencing, equipment, and clean up supplies (we try to leave only memories behind!)


Group Bookings*

(other than weekday children’s groups)

Looking for something fun to do with all of your relatives or your neighbourhood friends? Maybe you want something adventurous and new for that next Corporate outing! Family BBQ, School Groups, Sparks or Beavers? Yer all welcome at Butterfield Acres!

Butterfield Acres Farm has just the answer you’re looking for!

    VISITS AND BOOKINGS during regular weekend drop-in visiting times: 

    Plan for a visit of about 2 hours farmyard plus eating time (if you are wishing to include a picnic time).  This time may vary depending on the age of your children, time of day, etc.   Typically our  Tractor and Pony Ride times repeat every 2 hours, so in that time frame, you should be able to get both done.

    Prepaid parties of 20 or more people will receive 10% off general admission when all fees are paid by one person at one time.   Please note that this applies ONLY to groups paying general admission rates.

    IF YOU HAVE A LARGER GROUP getting the 10% discount on admissions, and there is even a remote possibility that you all will not arrive at the same time, we will get you to give us a  Guest List (first names only).  This is a great way to make all your guests feel very welcome while making admissions quick and easy for them.  For admission to the farm, your guests will simply give their name at the gate and ‘sign in’. Guests lists must be prepaid.

    Good supervision of your children is essential, both for their safety and enjoyment, as well as for safety and kindness for the animals. Please check your Guest List to ensure there will be at least one adult for every 3 children.

    Public Pony Rides are available for children under 60# (27kg).  No exceptions, sorry.   Tickets for the Public Pony Ride are $3 each.  These may be pre-paid when your admissions are paid, or purchased day-of.

    Public Tractor rides for families are $3 per family!

    Chop ‘n Cones are available to feed the sheep and goats   (not for the babies.. they are still on milk and the chop gives them an upset tummy).  3 cones for $1.

    Farm Safety Rules are important to know. Please ensure all adults are familiar with them. Please feel free to print them off this website and circulate them with other event details.

    Food/drinks… you are welcome to bring your own or use a caterer (who must be self contained).  Groups must leave their areas clean for the next group (just like camping… pack it in, pack it out).  Order Pizza!  We highly recommend Nomi, owner of  Panago Pizza in Crowfoot.  He has provided excellent service and pizza for us for years.  1 866-310-0001


    Want to separate yourselves from the public…  have the highlight PRIVATE PARTY ADD-ONS just for your group ?

    You may wish to make the visit extra special by booking these memorable VISIT ADD-ONS …like pre-booking a Private Pony (available for children under 60#), or Private Wagon on the tractor ride.   A  Private Picnic area may also be booked.

    Chop ‘n Cones:  if you are wanting more than a few, please pre-order them so we can have them ready for your arrival.


    If you’re ready to book a private event for your group, simply send us an email with your thoughts and questions: farmfun@ButterfieldAcres.com