A behind-the-scenes look at what’s keeping us hopping long before we open to the public each year (like lambing and kidding, and…. well, a million things)!

Sneak-a-Peek is our annual fundraiser, organized by our amazing Farmer Megan with volunteer support from the Butterfield Acres Fabulous Farmers team. ALL proceeds will be split between:
1) Jaguar Rescue Foundation, a very deserving animal rescue in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica ( We were able to raise funds to provide a human incubator for orphaned babies, typically sloths, monkeys. Please visit their website or go in person. A labour of love, deserving of your support.
2) Farmers Helping Farmers, Wakulima Dairy Ltd. Project in Mukurwe-ini, Kenya. ( 2016, a total of 2179 farmers and over 4300 cattle have been positively impacted by capacity development activities on topics such as prevention of diseases shared between animals and people, improving cow health, welfare, production, and improving farmer livelihoods. This is a project our own Farmer Megan has worked on, and one we are happy to continue supporting.

Over the years, many of our alumnae have chosen to volunteer with these and other organizations in an effort to support animal welfare throughout the world. Please help us help them help the animals.