Tickets for The  Spring Babies’ Legendary Easter Hunt.

Stay Tuned! 2021 Event details pending based on Covid regulations

The Butterfield Acres Great Legendary Easter Hunts run on the weekends leading up to Easter – it is our Spring Kick-Off Event!

What happens on a Legendary Easter Hunt?

We’ll start off in the Birthday Barn listening to the Legend of the Easter Bunny!  Once we know just what the Easter Bunny needs each of the children to do (he really appreciates their help!), then it’s off with our baskets to see what we can find! When the children collect what the Easter Bunny needs in their baskets (provided), they’ll head over to his warren, and send the goods down the tunnels to the Easter Bunny’s secret workshop where magically everything turns into Easter Eggs for all the girls and boys in the world.

All the ‘kids’ then head into the Prairie Palace to get their own spring planting underway.  They’ll take home an Easter pot, all planted, watered, and put into a plastic bag. Then, it’s off to the farmyard to see how all the critters are doing… and whoa… be sure to stop at the photo shoot area. Take a few cute pics with the Easter Bunny and enter them in our FaceBook page contest and you could win $100 credit towards your Day Camp fees this summer! After the children have had a good visit with all the animals in the farmyard, and even had a pony ride if they like, then, on the way home, each child checks at Admissions to see if the Easter Bunny has left them a little treat… his way of saying thank you for helping him!

– Pony Rides and Tractor Rides run during Easter Hunts too! (weather permitting)
– Be sure to dress for the weather! Wear non-slip footwear.
– Plan for 75 – 120 minutes. Highly recommended for children 6 and under.

PLANNING A BIRTHDAY?? The Legendary Easter Hunt is a great way to celebrate a birthday here at the farm!  Just fill in the birthday details on the Legendary Easter Hunt order form!

Easter Hunts will be available:

When we are open for regular drop in visits with all of our spring babies, general admission can be paid upon arrival! 


Tickets are non-refundable and non-transferrable to other programs.  You may give/sell your tickets to someone else if you are unable to use them yourself.
If your selected date is within the next 48 hours, we will email your confirmation as quickly as we can. At Easter Hunt Time we work extended hours and watch for last-minute orders, so we can make this happen for you!
The volume of phone calls on hunt days makes it impossible to return all the phone messages and requests for tickets in a timely fashion.  If you are needing help, the best way to communicate with us is via email:

Be sure to book your tickets for the Legendary Easter Hunt soon!  Put us on your calendar… sales start February 20th!

See what Easter is like at Butterfield Acres!