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Suggestions for a Fun Visit

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Farm Safety
Suggestions for a Fun Visit!

Start out right by packing appropriate gear for the weather (hats, sunscreen). Consider wearing an older pair of shoes and older clothes....HAY! IT IS A WORKING FARM after all!


Print off a map to best plan your route to the farm.

Great seasonal times to visit...things on the farm change with the seasons....never the same visit twice!!  See the spring babies, have a blast at summer Day Camps, join us for a Pumpkin Hunt in the Fall, we close November-March for on-site activities but animals are still availble to Come to see you, and...then it's Easter Hunts in the Spring...and we start all over again!!!

Plan for a picnic....there's several picnic areas...and a concession (we call it Gobbles and Gulps!) !


Great times during the day to visit... April through September....there are specific times during the day when young folks (under 60 #) can ride on the pony, or milk a goat or go for a wagon ride.....plan your visit to include any that you're interested in!!!

Phone your neigbours and friends, see if they would like to join you. Farm fun is always better when your in good company!

THINK FARM SAFETY Talk to your children about the safety rules prior to arrival.

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