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Farm Safety

Before you come....please click here for VERY IMPORTANT TIPS AND INFORMATION.


Safety on the Farm

We strive to make the farm a safe and happy place for both our visitors and our livestock. Please discuss these safety rules with your children PRIOR to using the facilities, then, have fun!....safely!!

  1.  Children must be CLOSELY SUPERVISED by an adult at ALL times.

  2.  Move slowly and quietly with the animals.

  3.  Animals can nibble or even bite...be cautious and keep hands away from their heads and mouths. Supervise children very closely.... an outreached hand is interpreted by many animals as a offering of food.

  4.  Do not climb fences or gates.

  5.  Be sure to fasten gates behind you.

  6.  Do not climb on stacked hay or straw - legs can get caught, bales can fall, etc.

  7.  Feed only food as provided and directed.

  8.  No Smoking. Smoking permitted only in your vehicle.

  9.  HAND WASHING in very important in the farm environment. Sanitizing gels do not kill all organisms.

  10. Litter kills animals; please dispose of it properly or carry it home.

And, again, before you come....


We make every effort to create a safe, yet realistic environment. We do not, however, accept any responsibility whatsoever, for any mishaps, however caused, during your visit to our farm. Our facility is used entirely at your own risk.

Sorry, no dogs allowed.

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