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We'll Come To You! (year round)

We would be glad to bring a special animal guest (or two or three..) to your
Child's Birthday Party.....here are your choices!!

Mini Farm
A cute set up with 2 goats, 2 lambs, 4 bunnies. The combination of animals may vary depending upon the weather/season.
1 Hour!. Great for parties of 10 -12 children.  Can be set up indoors if weather is poor  (garages are great...we need space equivalent to the footprint of a small car).  $259+gst
I would like to Book the MINI Farm
Or..... if you prefer, we can bring you the very cute
8 BUNNY Mini Yes... 8 very sweet bunnies all to yourselves for 1 Hour! Great for parties with 10 -12 children.  Can be set up indoors if weather is poor  (garages are great...ideal space is the equivalent to the footprint of a small car, but can be varied in size and shape).  $259+gst
I would like to Book the 8 BUNNY Mini

Birthday Pony Rides
Our Birthday Pony comes to your party for 1 hour, complete with a saddle, and staff to lead it....and we clean-up too! Maximum weight on pony is 60 pounds (27kgs).  $259+gst
I would like to Book Birthday Pony

OR.. .BOOK BOTH the MINI AND the Birthday Pony at the same time on the same order form, and you get the second one at the reduced rate of $209 +gst

My Little Pony
A wonderful hour session of grooming and picture taking for your horse crazy pony lover. 6 years & up. Ideal for smaller groups of school age children. Maximum of 6 children working with pony at any one time. $259+gst  
I would like to Book MY LITTLE PONY

Farm Corral (our mobile Petting Zoo)
This is a larger set up for larger functions.  We bring a wonderful array of our most huggable animals out to almost any event!
With our portable fencing, we can set up almost anywhere, but grass is kindest for the animals!
Kids and animals...a combination that's hard to beat.
Min 2 hours. Although we can fit into almost any space, the ideal is a circle of approx 25' diameter.  
I would like to Book the Farm Corral
Ask for Farm Corral Quote

Specialized Bookings
Let us know what you'd like to do and we'll help you figure it out! Our animals have been actors in movies and commercials. They've been on TV. They've been amusing 'presents' at Retirement and Birthday parties. They've been 'awards' for employee performance, get-well-soon 'gifts' and have helped generate fun and interest at fund-raisers. They've been part of many Christmas and Easter productions. And photo shoots...they've done many!  Got an idea? We'd love to be part of YOUR fun...it just can't be immoral, illegal, or life-threatening!

I would liketo Please give me a quote for my Special Request


Considering an office Practical Joke?
Let us in on the action, the animals love to be part of the fun!

We have even been Extras on Movie Sets!
We love to travel, so have us be part of the big picture!


Just let us know what you're thinking and we'll help you set something up!
Make it easy...we'll come to you! Need Gift Ideas?Click Here!


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